Çerez Örnek

Our Duties


To record all correspondence from outside the institution via Electronic Document Management System (EBYS).

To fulfill the unit paper responsibility of the accounts of the Rectorate and the General Secretariat and to carry out the works and transactions related to the internal correspondence falling into the accounts of the Rectorate and the General Secretariat.

To take the necessary measures to prevent any malfunctions in the document registration and dispatch processes, and to instantly notify the Information Processing Department of the problems that arise in the EBYS.

Invitation directly on behalf of the person via fax, e-mail, mail, KEP, etc. To ensure that the articles with content are delivered to the relevant people without being recorded.

To process the petitions submitted to the Office of the Rector and the General Secretariat immediately and to send them to the relevant unit.

To promptly conclude the petitions that do not concern any unit in terms of its relevance or that need to be answered directly on behalf of the Rectorate or the General Secretariat, within the scope of the Law No. 3071 on the Use of the Right to Petition.

To duly record confidential documents, to send them directly to the relevant unit manager.

To query and prepare statistical information and reports on document movement through the system.



To prepare, follow up and control all internal and external correspondences of the Rector, Vice-Rectors and Secretary General in accordance with the rules specified in the “Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Official Correspondence” published in the Official Gazette dated 10 June 2020 and numbered 31151, archiving them according to the Standard File Plan .

After the TCA Audit Report is entered into the institution records, to deliver the report to the relevant units and to bring together the answers received from the units to the findings and submit it to the University Senior Management to be sent to the Audit Office of the Court of Accounts.

To submit the reports and minutes prepared by the Protection and Security Branch Directorate, which was reported to the General Secretariat, to the Secretary General, and to establish the necessary procedures as a result of the examination and evaluation of the Secretary General.

To accept the objection file from the Public Procurement Authority on behalf of the Vice Rector, coordinator, and to send the requested expert witness report after the preparation of the requested expert report by making correspondence with the relevant unit within this period, since the legal period is limited to 5 working days.

Ministries, Higher Education Council, General Directorates, Governorship, etc. information, documents, opinions, etc. from institutions. Ensuring the preparation of demand letters.

To submit external correspondence requests from academic and administrative units to the approval of the Senior Management and to establish the necessary procedures.

Planning, developing and preserving institutional memory in accordance with the standard file plan for Rectorate correspondence; To keep electronic and physical media archives in order.




As the Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) responsible of our university, to ensure that the sending and receiving of messages over KEP are carried out without any interruption.

Date, number, signer, etc. of the documents coming from the address of egeuniversitesi@egeuniversitesi.hs03.kep.tr belonging to our university. To carry out the registration and dispatch transactions by making the checks.



To update the State Organization Central Registration System (DETSIS) on the Electronic Public Information Management System (KAYSIS), an integrated system that allows access to electronic applications carried out on behalf of the Prime Ministry on a single platform, depending on the changes in the organizational structure of our University. Receive administrative identification codes to newly formed units.

To ensure that the "University Organization Chart" is updated and announced to the units depending on the newly established or closed units.




Address, packaging/envelopment, etc. of documents/mails coming to the Postal Operations Bureau to be sent from the Rectorate units. to take delivery against embezzlement after making checks.

Recording shipping information of outgoing documents and/or mail (numbers and registration numbers, date, sender name and/or unit code, recipient name/address, shipping fee).

Calculating the fees for the documents ready to be sent according to the shipping type (registered registered office, APS, ordinary mail, cargo, etc.) and delivering the documents/mails that are ready to be sent to the PTT Bornova Branch.

Receiving all the documents of Ege University in the PTT Bornova Branch.


Ege Üniversitesi