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With the Electronic Document Management System used in our University since 01.03.2016 in accordance with the TSE 13298 standard specified in the Electronic Document Standards Circular of the Prime Ministry dated 16.07.2008 and numbered 2816;
Within the scope of e-Government and University, by establishing the necessary software system; While it is planned to ensure the security of documents by preventing loss and falsification, to be able to be monitored and to monitor their stages in electronic environment, to be queried and shared within the scope of authorization, to increase efficiency by reducing search and processing times, easy and uninterrupted document flow between central and peripheral units and other institutions using electronic document system. and thus saving on document creation and forwarding costs.
In addition, the main objectives are to carry out the necessary business and process optimizations by making analyzes on the basis of business processes, and to keep corporate documents in a healthy and safe environment with a correct backup policy.
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