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Electronic Public Information Management System (KAYSIS)
KAYSIS aims to move to a-Government (Smart State) by integrating the developed e-Government applications from a single center, where the elements in public administration, from the organizational structure of public institutions to the services provided, from the documents used in the services to the information in the documents, are determined together with the legislative bases and defined in the electronic environment. It is a basic information system that will provide
Electronic Public Information Management System (KAYSIS);
Creating dynamic organizational charts by defining the institutions and organizations that make up the state organization and their units in the central, provincial and foreign organizations,
Determining public services and their delivery processes,
Identification of documents requested or issued as a result of applications for services and recording a copy of them in the system,
Identifying the data used as input in the provision of services or produced as output as a result, and defining it as metadata,
Determining the official correspondences made in the presentation of the services and the initial and signature processes in the correspondence and associating them with the relevant services,
Associating elements such as institutions/units, services, documents, correspondence with the legislative bases in force,
Revealing the informatics infrastructure of institutions through electronic applications and applications developed for the delivery of e-Government services,
Measuring citizens' satisfaction with public services,
Creating Service Standards Tables of Institutions and presenting them in a way that citizens can access from a single point,
Creating corporate performance reports on the delivery of public services,
Developing central electronic applications for common services offered by institutions,
It includes issues such as the collection of statistics such as the duration of services and the number of annual transactions.
State Organization Central Registration System (DETSIS)
DETSIS, the institutions and organizations within the state organization of the Republic of Turkey and their units at all levels in the central, provincial and foreign organizations are registered in accordance with the hierarchical structure and to be taken as a basis in e-Government studies, T.C. It is the system where it is defined by the State Organization Number.
In order to obtain the administrative unit code, it is necessary to apply to the General Secretariat Registry Branch with a cover letter through the Dean's Office/Directorate/Department. decision must be made.
The operations of the administrative and academic units that will register to the State Organization Central Registration System are carried out by the Registrar's Office of the General Secretariat on behalf of the Rectorate of Ege University, and the new registration, adding-removing units and deregistration are under the duty, authority and responsibility of the Registrar's Office. .
For detailed information: https://www.kaysis.gov.tr/

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